Agriturismo of quality with respect for the environment

Ecoturism and responsible tourism

The reasons for this choices:
The story began in 2001, when Stephanie took over the family business and decided to start a project, which she dreamed about for a long time: an Agritourism where she offers a vacation in direct contact with the simplicity and authenticity of the rural life for all those who deseired that. The notion of having a company immersed in the beauty of the Tuscan countryside, a stone’s throw away from the beautiful sea and the Etruscan Coast, gave the final push to get started.
In 2004 the house was renovated, there were created five rooms with private bathrooms, a large kitchen and other services. The results were not long in coming, as from the first year of opening, they were satisfying and guests became more numerous and loyal.
In 2008, began the construction of the Agricamping, which opened late 2009.

Our “family” hospitality consists of simple things, but is very much appreciated, some customers tell us that they are coming here because it reminds them of their youth, when they went to their grandparents in the countryside on holiday.

One of our main objectives is to discover or rediscover the simple, authentic flavors that are often forgotten.
So for us usual activities, such as fruit and vegetable picking, planting new seedlings or olive picking, have an important and special meaning for many guests, allowing them to build wonderful memories.
Rediscovering the contact with nature is certainly one of the most relaxing activities for guests of all ages.
Thanks to the constant attention and services offered, we were able to obtain for our company the classification “Tre Spighe” (= 3 ears) (the maximum).


Our attention and respect for the environment has made it possible to make those choices from the start to obtain the Ecolabel certification in 2009.
The European Ecolabel is a trademark of voluntary environmental certification, which is awarded exclusively to products and services offered that meet environmental and performance criteria established at European level.
Obtaining the mark is therefore a certificate of excellence, which is awarded only to products / services that have a positive impact on the environment.
We believe that the following actions have been particularly important: photovoltaic plant for the production of electricity by the combined power of 12 kW, with integrated geothermal system with solar energy to produce hot water and of course a large number of energy saving measures ranging from the selection of the devices, the totality of energy-saving lamps, the excess flow valves for water taps and a carefully differentiated waste collection.

Guests are informed about all this and are very happy to cooperate with us.


Ecoturismo Ecolabel


Tale Agriturismo partecipa attivamente alla valorizzazione delle fonti di energia rinnovabili, al risparmio energetico ed idrico, alla riduzione dei rifiuti ,e al miglioramento dell’ambiente locale